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Running Late With Scott Rogowsky @ UCB NY

We've had Regis Philbin... we've had Steve Buscemi... we've had Dick Cavett and David Cross and Rachel Dratch and Raekwon... but we've never had someone who transcends all age, race, gender, socio-economic, and geographic boundaries the way our next guest does...

At 11pm on Feb 11 at the UCB Chelsea, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky welcomes Jerry Springer of The Jerry Springer Show to the couch! LET'S BRING HIM OUT!

And if that's not enough for you greedy bastards... the one and only Kevin Nealon has just been added to the bill!

Plus Dale Seever, host of Dale Radio says hello! And Rebecca Vigil and the Vigilante will be laying down smooth jams!

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